Taiko Festival
●Guest Perfomance
   e.g. : 10-60 minutes, various fomations
Other Festivals, Parties and Events
●International Events, Rocal Events, Public Events and etc.
   e.g.1 : short performance about 20 minutes with 4 to 6 players
   e.g.2 : Welcoming performance or short performance before making toast
   e.g.3 : Guests taiko trial can be arranged
    Please inquire details for performance time, number of players and etc.
Dramas and Steges
●Produced & directed by Rei Nakanishi, a famous author and director,
 Oedo Sukeroku Taiko has played with full orchestra and opera singers
 along kabuki drama plays.
   e.g.1 : With full orchestra
   e.g.2 : Compose a new song for a play

Please inquire details to Oedo Sukeroku Taiko office.