●Various patterns of workshops are held all through the year.

^For Educational Curriculums :
  from elementary to high schools
  for club activities, open schools and the classical music education at schools   
   Reports : Higashi Nakagawa Nursary School[J]、Nakano Daigo Jr. High School

_For Enterprises :
  for surprise party, training program for new employees
`For School Events :
  for Cultural Day, Sports Day and other anniversary
aFor singers, actors :
  for stage performance, talented show and choreogrephy along songs

bFor Youth Development and International Excharges :
  Train Japanese participants for Governmental programms
   (e.g. Ship for South East Asian Youth, Ship for World Youth and
    Youth development and international exchange programms)

cFor Asahi Cultural Club :
  Hosted by Aasahi Cultural Center(Shinjuku)

  Every other sundays, three months in one term

dFor the other Taiko Groups :
  Compose a new songs for the group, training follows

eFor the participants of Lecture by Nippon Taiko Foundation:
  Instruct Sukeroku style drumming techniques to the participants

fFor MONKA-SEI (Regular School Students) :
  started since 1983, now about 120 students come to learn under the school.
  From 10 year old children to the 60's
gFor Children :
  Taiko school for children(supported by Agency for Cultural Affairs)
hFor foreigners:
  Cultural Experience Program : Lessons are held on reguest
  To report : U.S. Army Cultural Orientation Program[J]

Annual Workshops in summer

●Every year in August, 4 night 5 days workshop is held in Nagano. For detailed info
   To report、The 16th Oedo Sukerku Taiko Workshop in Kitashiga[J]

Please inquire details to Oedo Sukeroku Taiko office.